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Annual Report Sample: Non-profit Organization

Challenge: Shining a positive light on shelter workers


One of three annual reports I wrote for the Dumb Friends League. I shifted the focus from animals only to the human-animal bond, and added images of staff with animals, putting a positive light on the people who work tirelessly at shelters on behalf of  "those who can't speak for themselves."


Brand Development Sample: Best-selling Author

Challenge: Creating a compelling identity for an emerging author


Created brand imagery and messaging for Puja Guha, a best-selling author of international spy thrillers. I aligned her personal image with her books for a cohesive projection of her global background, talents and the subject matter of her novels.

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Brochure Sample: Technology Company

Challenge: New product launch in a crowded market


I introduced a new product through unique imagery and messaging that reflected the solution's ability to dramatically change, in a positive way, the complex business of healthcare.


Brand Kit Sample: C2B App

Challenge: Starting a new company and brand off with organization and cohesion


This is an example of a brand kit, which I do as part of all branding projects. In this case, I developed a brand for a B2B technology company that had created an app for suppliers of medical CBD products to record patient impacts; the results were then passed to the FDA for study. 

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Television Commercial Sample: Non-profit

Challenge: Getting hard-to-adopt segment of animals adopted into forever homes

I created the first campaign that focused solely on cat adoption, the Dumb Friends League's biggest challenge. The campaign included this commercial, which won a regional Emmy award. Other pieces of the campaign included billboard advertising, print and digital ads, email marketing, an adoption event and promotions on air - both on television and radio. Adoptions increased by 22% over the course of the campaign.

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Advertisement Sample: B2B Technology

Challenge: Personalize supply chain technology software and recognize its users


My team and I created a "Healthcare Heroes" campaign, which was used in print and digital ads and promoted at our 600+ client event. Through this effort, we made heroes out of the staff that often received little recognition: those who manage supplies and costs to improve patient care.


Trifold Brochure Sample: Small Business

Challenge: Move a brand from a storefront pharmacy to a delivery model business


For this client, I created all of the brand imagery and messaging, resulting in a brochure, a website and campaigns by segment. I put a focus on staff and personal services, and better articulated product offerings. While the website has changed since I created it, the colors, logo and much of the messaging still reflects my work.

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RFP Response Sample:  Healthcare Technology Company

Challenge: Start a new company in a crowded business space


I started with Medical Surgical Solutions from its inception, creating the brand and all the company's marketing vehicles. This RFP response, as well as numerous others, led to 1.3M in sales in the funnel within 6 months; this in turn resulted in investment confidence: additional backing by investors and 500K in technology investments by its technology partner. The startup was sold within two years due to its success. The acquisition was made not just because of sales, but also because the company appeared professional and supremely organized in its brand presentation.


Branding Presentation to Board Sample:  Non-profit

Challenge: Rebrand a venerable 100+ year-old organization


I selected our brand agency partner, coordinated all focus groups, aligned leadership and presented the final outcome to the Board of Directors. The brand was successfully embraced, resulting in a rework of all digital and print vehicles as well as signage at all shelters. It is beyond satisfying to see the tagline "Compassion Always" on every DFL building. While the DFL website has changed since I created it, the colors, logo and much of the messaging reflects my work.

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Revised Messaging & Web Design Sample: Consumer Marketing

Challenge: Refreshing messaging for an independent company that competed with larger, more powerful companies.


I reworked messaging for a growing private real estate company and created its new website. I also provided guidance on the use of social media, which resulted in increased sales and potential clients by 75%. Within this framework, I focused on what made this business and its leader unique.


E-marketing Video Sample: B2B

Challenge: Simplifying the offerings of a new company through short video explanations by segment


I created a series of short videos for ValidCare, which were used in email marketing to their various segments. This one was used to introduce retail clients to ValidCare's business intelligence product, used to illuminate consumer buying patterns. 

white paper thumbnail..png


White Paper Sample: Healthcare Technology

Challenge: Analyzing a complex healthcare process with authority and showing solutions without a heavy-handed sales slant


Working with sales, product managers and industry experts, I created numerous white papers throughout my career, demonstrating the ability to handle long-form writing on complex subjects. 


Blog Sample: Management Advice

Challenge: Sharing knowledge without sounding pedantic


I have written blogs about a variety of subjects, from branding to start-up advice to managing teams. Here is an example of using an informal tone while discussing ways to protect good writers on your staff from being over-reviewed.

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Social Media Video Sample: B2C

Challenge: Engaging new followers through joyful, non-"salesy" messaging


I took over CBD+me's company's Instagram and Facebook accounts to enliven its social media, resulting in incrementally adding followers and  community awareness of its health-tracking app. I used both images and short videos as part of an orchestrated social media plan.


Website and Collateral Rebrand

Challenge: Create brand for company struggling to find its voice


As an emerging company, ValidCare had gone through a series of brand efforts using other consultants and brand agencies. They came to me to take another look, dissatisfied with the previous outcomes. I simplified their messaging, came up with a new tagline, and assigned new imagery to each of their product lines, giving them a cohesive, recognizable brand. This overarching image - which reflects the ability to use technology to enable health data - was used throughout their online platforms, including the website and social media.

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Civic Engagement Website Sample: Non-profit organization

Challenge: Fight neighborhood rezoning by engaging residents through volunteerism, donations and events


The Cherry Creek East neighborhood engaged my company to create a name, brand messaging, graphic elements and a website to pull its residents together. We also created a six-month integrated marketing plan to overturn the neighborhood Board, which included email and mail campaigns, resident events with presentations, donation solicitations, neighborhood signage and door-to-door canvasing activities. This resulted in the neighborhood electing all of our favored anti-rezoning candidates, shifting the balance of the Board thereby making the neighborhood better equipped to fight rezoning.


Brand Launch: Non-profit school with a unique education model

Challenge: Create a market differentiation for a new non-profit school.


I developed a complete brand for this emerging school. I was able to differentiate what made this school unique: the first and only school in Aurora focused whose sole purpose is to advance the skills of children who are behind in their grade levels. To achieve this, I used the Snow Group Brand Survey, customized to this business space, to glean and analyze the information I needed for a full presentation to the Catch a Star Academy team. From there I worked with my go-to designer to develop a website, marketing collateral, social media sites, signage, and identity pieces such as stationery, business cards and email signatures. In summary - a full brand package, including complete content for the website. Within a few months, I was able to give the school what they needed to successfully launch in the community, leading to donations and student enrollment! 

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Television Commercial Sample: Non-profit organization

Challenge: Emphasize the value to humans from the human-animal relationship, leading to more adoptions and donations.


With this campaign, which included included billboard advertising, print and digital ads, email marketing, an adoption event and promotions on television and radio, I moved the DFL from an animal-only focus to one that highlighted the human-animal bond, and its impact on human health and happiness. This led to a significant increase in adoptions and donations. 


Brand Launch: New Healthcare Technology Company

Challenge: Develop an approachable brand for three distinct audiences that range in comfort with technology


Working with a predetermined name, I developed a complete brand for a new healthcare technology company that serves a variety of audiences. I was able to create a brand that spoke to each audience and to convey the interlocking relationship between them - despite their varying levels of comfort with technology. Their end goal was the same: to integrate social services into their patients' overall healthcare plan; however, their knowledge, needs and motivations were different. To achieve this, I researched the business spaces of each audience and customized the Snow Group Brand Survey to gather and aggregate the information required to present to the Eunomia team. During this process, we developed key messages, by audience, based on audience challenges, needs and drivers. From there, I developed a complete brand kit with identity graphics (logo, fonts, colors, key images) and all the messaging required for web content and sales collateral. I created a website that is poised for launch, which will coincide with the product launch in 2023.



Content Sample: B2B Visitor Management Technology

Challenge: Create audience-specific pages to capture the specific needs of the company's sales targets


For this client, I created seven pages of content to capture the needs of each audience type. I researched each audience as well as how competitors addressed similar audiences. I rewrote the website's voice for these pages to steer the company in a more professional and compelling direction. Revising the content of this site contributed to the company being purchased.

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