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Achieved significant market results for individuals, consumer businesses and corporations:

  • Managed a healthcare technology startup’s marketing efforts, leading to 1.3M in sales in the funnel within 6 months; this in turn resulted in investment confidence: additional backing by investors and 500K in technology investments by its technology partner. The startup was sold within two years due to its success.

  • Analyzed and reorganized information for the largest energy company in the world, working with teams worldwide in an effort to consolidate efforts, leading to internal and external Web site developments.

  • Created integrated marketing plans for a large retail organization, combining web content, email campaigns, sales promotions and in-store events to increase in sales and customer loyalty. 

  • Moved a pharmacy’s business model from store-front to delivery-only model through rebranding, web and social media content and email marketing.

  • Created the brand for a best-selling, global author.

  • Launched a healthcare marketing consulting company for a marketing leader, who was able to achieve a six-figure salary within one year.

  • Launched several new non-profits through branding, website development, communications strategy, donation strategy and initial campaigns - with the latest being Catch a Star Academy.

  • Developed a social media strategy for a real estate company, leading to increased market exposure and expansion of client base by 75% in one year.

  • Developed a new RFP process for global technology company, resulting in a flexible database of reusable assets, reducing the research work load of RFP developers and sales engineers, increasing the time to sale and improving corporate messaging through consistent information. 

  • Created plug-and-play go-to-market campaign kits for suppliers of health-related consumer products, resulting in supplier adoption, consumer product use, and consumer results studies accepted by the FDA.

  • Developed the brand for a women-led healthcare technology startup that connects community-based organizations, care systems and health plans, improving the ability to access services, collaborate on care, and transform how we serve our communities.


Non-profit Leadership

Turned a communications department into a marketing department, resulting in incremental increases in program goals and donations.

  • Guided leadership and the board through complete rebranding of the largest animal welfare organization in the western US.

  • Increased program goals by 12-14% each year; increasing FB followers by 34%; increasing email house file by 31%; increasing overall giving by 27%.

  • Reorganized entire department with new roles and titles, reducing stress on individuals, playing to strengths.

  • Added metrics goals for every campaign to analyze results; added monthly success reports to show the value of marketing.

  • Removed or revamped old events and added new events to increase community participation and donations.

  • Revamped education program serving 18,000 people, dramatically increasing attendance.


Technology Startup Leadership

Captured 85% of the market over the course of a decade by developing and management a highly-effective team and programs:

  • Assembled and directed a large team of writers, designers and campaign managers to develop strategic marketing deliverables for customer acquisition and customer retention.

  • Oversaw live events, including 600-attendee customer event, bi-annual sales meetings, quarterly employee meetings and up to 10 trade shows per year.

  • Created channel marketing programs by customer and product.

  • Developed sales tool kits and training, including collateral, presentations, certification programs and RFP standards.

  • Founded a campaign management program that including staffing, process development and reporting metrics standards.

  • Developed a customer education program that reached thousands of users and included eLearning modules, classroom and web-based curriculum materials, and user documentation.

  • Created an employee product learning and certification program, which included two classes per month for all employees, and product release webcasts for customer-facing employees.


Personal Branding & Career Coaching


  • ​More than 50 emerging and and mid-career professionals served and placed into new careers 

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