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Bruce and Kristin Snow offer end-to-end product development and market delivery solutions to a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, IT, telecommunications,  and non-profit. Leveraging their own skills and those of trusted partners, The Snow Group will help you take your market by storm.

Bruce Snow
Kristin Snow

Bruce worked in computer systems and telecommunications development for Bell Labs and Motorola before becoming a consultant in 1997. He started and ran his own company for over 10 years, consulting to medical device, biotech, IT and other high-tech companies, helping them bring dozens of critical products to market, and realigning and training teams in optimal project management practices.


Bruce holds a B.S. from University of Missouri and an M.S. from Purdue University in Computer Engineering. He was on the faculty of Stanford University’s Advanced Project Management program for five years.


Learn more about Bruce on LinkedIn.

Kristin has spent most of her career in technology sectors. Since 2000, Kristin has built healthcare technology and other startups into successful businesses through creative branding, marketing department development and strategic communications. She also assists non-profit organizations in making significant advancements in their donor and program goals, and helps individuals with personal branding and career growth tools.


Kristin holds a B.A. from Lafayette College in English Literature and an M.A. from the University of Denver in Creative Writing. She is a published poet and artist, whose works can be seen on She is also an Emmy award-winning writer, a Quora "Top Writer" and a Quora "Most Viewed Writer" in eight categories.


Find Kristin on LinkedIn.

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