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The perfect job is out there. Let's go find it. 

For new and near grads

The transition from student to employee can be confusing, especially for students whose majors don't translate to a specific job. What are the jobs most in demand? How are companies structured? What do people in different departments and jobs actually do? How do knowledge, skills and interests translate to these jobs?


I work with new and near grads to determine the most viable career direction for them; I then help them create a job hunt "Launch-box," which includes a resume, a cover letter template, an interview narrative and social profiles, as well as an organizational strategy to stay on top of applications and interviews. Throughout the job hunt process, I provide ongoing coaching to ensure they stay on track.

For professionals looking for that next opportunity

For more experienced professionals, I provide resume reviews and revamping, helping them refine their personal brand to match their career goals. I create a flexible resume that can be customized for each job application, a cover letter template, and coaching on the creation of an interview narrative to be used during interviews. I also offer an organizational strategy to stay on top of applications and interviews. If desired, I am available to provide job search results and ongoing coaching.

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Tools You Can Use

After an in-person or virtual meeting to explore your goals, I'll create a set of tools you'll use to establish your personal brand and job search capabilities:

  • Customizable resume  

  • Customizable cover and follow-up letters 

  • Interview narrative - answers to common interview questions that we'll build as you interview

  • LinkedIn profile + any other relevant social profiles

  • Personal website (if appropriate)

  • Google docs application tracking spreadsheet


For those that need ongoing support in the job search, I’ll source jobs for you, place them on a shared google sheet, help you with cover letters, and provide you with ongoing coaching to ensure you stay on track.




I studied Biology and then studied to be a Veterinary Technician, which I liked well enough, but I could barely live on the pay. I went to Kristin to help me figure out a new career path - one that leveraged my experience but that would pay better.  I got an entry level job that paid almost twice what I was making as a vet tech, and with full benefits - a first for me. I've now been promoted and I'm thrilled to be in a lucrative science-oriented field!



I came to Kristin with a resume that reflected multiple, unrelated job shifts. Kristin was able to pull a thread through them all to make my career path appear more purposeful. I went from looking at any job to focusing on specific companies and titles. After a frustrating job search before I engaged Kristin, I had a job offer within weeks.



I had worked in non-profit my entire career, but as a single parent, I was motivated to improve my income and work fewer hours. I really appreciate the knowledge Kristin brought to the table, having worked in both the non-profit and corporate sectors; her background made my understanding of and transition to for-profit much easier. I'm now happily working for a large, secure company.

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